This shows easy installation of Q-SIGN (supports 15 languages) and how to manage multiple displays with one SW.

Five special features of Q-SIGN

· Design

It allows designing templates and the screen. You can divide the screen for files and set the play time.

· Schedule

You can manage display of daily, weekly, and monthly templates with Q-SIGN and it also allows setting for long term period.

· Data

Use the network/USB. Q-SIGN supports emergency, reserved, and instant transmission using USB and provides easy view of contents.

· Client

You can add, edit, and delete clients and group by client. You can monitor the activity of client and control it remotely. (Play, stop, reboot, termination)

· User

It allows granting authorities for each user for easy and safe use.

A great chance

Try this simple UI of Digital Signage program. It can be used at any place in the world because multi-language is supported, screen division is supported for various formats, and you can manage multiple displays with one SW. Try it now.

NDS Solution is a software developer. We have been in this field for 6 years and received many awards and certifications. We have sales network in 20 countries and we are one of the leading companies in Signage market.

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